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Minnesota is not only known for hot dish, grape salad (where did that come from?!?), ice fishing and wind chill, but also for our wheat.


We've created this prototype to test different wheats and their flavor benefits to whiskey.


This protype series is intended to explore all that wheat has to offer. We will experiment with different wheats, yeast strains and barrel ages to find the best flavor possible. 


We hope you enjoy the process as much as us and let us know which ones you like best. 


Delicious Spirit!



Sugar is produced from refined sugar cane juice, and molasses comes from the extract of

this concentrated sugar. If the molasses is boiled a third time, it is known as Blackstrap. It's more bitter than the second boil, but it is also more flavorful.


Most rums are made from molasses, but vary in strength. Our Boiler Room Rum uses dark blackstrap molasses to find the richest end of the spectrum.


We hope you enjoy the complexity and nuance of this back room spirit.

Perfect for Summer!


Each bottle of our prototype series whiskey is documented with a serial number that has thirteen different elements. Every element is a factor that contributes flavor to a whiskey. Some may have greater impact than others, but for us, they all are important. As we create new mash bills and experiment with different yeast strains, barrel proofs, cooperages, etc… we’ll be sharing each number to tell the complete story of how the flavor developed. We thought that you would appreciate knowing all the details of our whiskey-making process. If you find a factor that seems to be impacting your choice from batch to batch, then we want to hear about it. We hope you find your number.



We love Minnesota, but it is about as far from a tropical climate as we can get. We start with dehydrated cane juice. It is not refined like sugar, and since the cane juice is dehydrated, this locks in the flavors and concentrates it for us. This has allowed us the ability to make what we call a Minnesota Agricole. It’s our frost-bit version of the original and who knows, maybe when we retire in Martinique we’ll make the real deal, but until then we hope you enjoy this! 


Minnesota 13, an open pollinated heritage corn, was developed by the University of Minnesota during the 1880’s for a short growing session. During Prohibition some of the fine folks of Stearns County chose to convert MN13 into moonshine and defy the Temperance efforts.  The quality reputation of this moonshine traveled nationwide due to the care of these agricultural rebels.



We honor our roots by bringing back this Minnesota tradition. The corn is difficult to find today, but we found it and started to grow it. Others with a similar passion for MN13 are also creating their versions. Together, we hope to resurrect this unique spirit and bring back its international status as a quality moonshine. Learn more about the MN13 revolution at 11wells.com.


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