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Minnesota 13

Minnesota's history in spirits is a long as its winters and it all starts with the grain. For over a century the University of  Minnesota has developed many breakthroughs that help to make the state one of the nation's largest producers of grain. One of the momentous developments in local distilling was titled "Minnesota 13". This corn was a significant development for our state as it was specifically designed to stand up to the shorter growing season that had hindered other corn varieties, making it the crop of choice for many years.  


During prohibition, a different, more-questionable, use was found for this crop.  It became the central ingredient in the infamous 'Minnesota 13' moonshine. This moonshine was soon found in all corners of the country, and became highly coveted due to the quality and rare barrel-aging process. To preserve this history, 11 Wells has resurrected these recipes and will once again bring it back into the regional spotlight as prominent spirit, nearly a century after it was originally created.  

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