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Our Starting Line-Up


Minnesota is not only known for hot dish, cheese curds, and ice fishing, but also for its' wheat!

This prototype series explores all the different flavors that wheat has to offer. We'll experiment with different wheat types, yeast strains, and barrel ages to bring you the best flavor possible. 

We invite you to take the journey with us as we create new flavors of whiskey, while celebrating a Minnesota staple.


We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it, and would love to know which ones you like best! 


11 Wells Bourbon Whiskey:

We hope you enjoy the complexity and nuance of this back room spirit.

Perfect for an


This handcrafted bourbon the quintessential staple of every liquor cabinet. Our master distiller has worked hard to bring you the highest quality, most flavorful bourbon available.

But wait...there's more!

We want your feedback on the flavor profile of our products so that we can continually improve them, especially our prototype offerings.

If you haven't tried it yet, whaddya waiting for??  Grab a bottle or three at your local watering hole, or better yet, come to our cocktail room and let our bartenders mix one up for you!

We promise that it will be the best decision you have made..maybe even all day!

Prototype Rye:

We took our bourbon whiskey and added rye to the mix, bringing out a much different, delicious flavor. 

It will not do it justice to try and explain what this phenomenal bottle of concentrated excellence tastes like, so do one of two things:


1.) Pick up a bottle at one of the many locations where 11Wells spriits are available

2.) Take your time on the way home from work, stop over at our cocktail room, and try it for yourself. It supports local businesses, and it's great for unwinding from the work week grind.

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